Monday, 29 June 2015

Movie Review: Of Sinners and Saints

Leonardo Rossellini is a young Italian priest from Rome.  He is assigned to a parish in Payatas, headed by a courageous Spanish priest.  Payatas is one of the poorest areas of Metro Manila, where all the urban wastes of the metropolis are dumped and processed:  a place where every day children are exposed to violence and dangerous diseases.  Leonardo's mission is to counsel battered women and teach poor children English and catechism.  But soon Leonardo's peace of mind is distraught by the encounter of Merlinda, a young and charming woman he used to love when he was still a seminarian.  Merlinda is now married to Franco, and has a 6 year old son.

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Movie Review: Filemon Mamon

Filemon Mamon is a high school student who desires two things, to win the heart of the girl he loves and to be the lead in a musical play about his Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio.  But, he has a big problem – his weight.  His out of work father and his OFC mother leave him to adhere to the guidance of his grandmother who loves to cook and who loves to remind him that “to be fat is to be healthy, and to be healthy is to be fat.”

Movie Review: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

As clouds begin to roll, we see the morning life of a busy city.  Cars jam the streets, as people makes squares of the side streets they walk on.  People queues in line as everyone wants to board the city train.   This is Sam’s daily picture of his long travel to school. He is a young filmmaker, who in his everyday commune, picks up his girlfriend Isa, in a station, 4 stops away from the school they go in.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Movie Review: I Love You. Thank You.

Paul is a restless twenty-something who cannot get his life together. Worse, he’s been holding on to his love towards Red, his best friend Ivan’s boyfriend. Looking for a sense of direction, he goes to Siem Reap and meets Tang, who falls in love with him. 

Movie Review: Maskara

The Philippines is being geared up to be interconnected through a system called One Wired Nation (OWN).  This would allow faster and easier access to information across the country –from the smallest Baranggay to MalacaƱang.  With OWN progress is enevitable says Bert Javelo (Lance Raymundo), from Prime Connections, the company who won the contract to build and manage OWN. Bert promises instant service and progress to the country.  But Pia Gorospe (Ina Feleo) is not convinced and smells something wrong.

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Movie Review: An Kubo Sa Kawayanan

Michelle lives in her own special world.  She has a strange love story with her house by the bamboo grave, with which she developed a language, with things functioning as words only she could understand.  Everyone is trying to convince her to abandon the house; her boyfriend trying to look for work in the city or abroad, a nosy neighbor trying to make ends meet by working as a teacher, and even a filmmaker trying to do a documentary on Michelle’s skill as a calado embroiderer, which she cling onto as strongly as she stays in the house.  

Movie Review: Sino Nga Ba Si Pangkoy Ong?

Armand, Julian and Paolo are good friends.  All three experience financial difficulties so they are finding ways to get some money.  They embark into writing the manuscript of a book similar to the books of a writer with the pseudonym Pangkoy Ong.